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Ahn sahng hong
the prophet elijah

The church of our God was instructed by Ahnsahnghong by the Holy Spirit to restore the truth that the apostles had done in the early church, and established in 1964, the last time of the temple construction (Wu 1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan) It has begun its activities to spread the truth, and the key truths include baptism, the Sabbath, and the Passover.

The same congregation also had the right to say that Christ, who came to King David in the last act of blessing, was the prophet of the First Presidency of Jesus Christ, the prophecy of King David foretold by the prophets of the Bible, Fulfilling prophecy, and fulfilling the mission of Elijah’s restoration of the new covenant truth that was trampled by Satan during the darkness of the prophecy Elijah (the Lord God), which was the prophecy of [Malachi 4: 4-5]

At the time of this last judgment, God’s inch of Revelation 7 is beginning to work, and if anyone does not receive this person, we can not be saved, so we must become one with the Lord through the new covenant Passover, We can attain eternal life and salvation.

Now is the time when all the mysteries of the sealing of the Bible are to be awakened, because the time is near and the kingdom of the eternal God is near, and it is the last time to gather the chosen ones from all sides. So if anyone aspires to the truth, study the book of truth, and if you do not understand it well, please do not delay. If you do research in person, you will understand.